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Worship is the heart of St. Francis' life together, and music is a key part of this.

Our music ministry ties us into the liturgical purposes of our gathering and helps open us to the God

we worship and to each other as a worshiping community.

Worship at St. Francis includes a wide variety of music sources and styles and features special choral

or solo pieces for inspiration, but centers on music that will be sung by the entire congregation,

with leadership from the choir. The choir welcomes singers of all skill levels. 

Rehearsal times: Wednesday at 7 pm / Sunday 9.45 am

Music & Worship: Service


Our music ministry prepares special programs during the church season. Not only we have our choir singing, but we also have an instrumental ensemble joining us. Our past works have included  Shout out the Good News! by Lloyd Larson, and Amazing Love by Russel Mauldin.

Music & Worship: Text
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