The nature of this pandemic requires flexibility. We  will make every attempt to keep this page updated with what the Service Schedule will be.


Current Pandemic Routine

8:00 AM Outdoor Worship Service:  

On any Sunday, if it is raining the service will move indoors

  If you are uncertain, feel free to text the Rev. Largent  (281-620-7221)

after 7:00 AM to be informed.


You will have 8-feet encircling you per individual or household.


Please bring the following:

A Mask (absolutely essential & mandatory for attending the service)

Lawn Chair


Insect Repellent

A Willingness to stay 6-feet apart from each other before, during, and after the service.

The possibility of Indoor Services at 10:30 AM exists but subject to variance.

Prior to attending, please review the protocols here